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Portrait photography on location

Very sincere thanks for the truly superb CD of photos taken by you of Anthony, Mark and Bev. Filled my heart with joy after the tears! I am very emotional at such outstanding photos. Once again thank you very much.

Jean - Location Portrait Photography

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Portrait photography on location

Location portrait shoots from lifestyle photographers A Couple of Photographers give you a unique perspective on your world. This kind of lifestyle photography shoot can take place anywhere you want, but it's best to go to the places that mean the most to you – places where the bonds of family and friendship are the strongest. That might be in your own home, the local play centre, or out and about in town; the choice is yours. Using a familiar and well-loved location as the “venue” for your shoot means that the pictures Carolyn and Tony take will unlock a whole new set of precious memories.

A lifestyle photography shoot takes between 1 and 3 hours, and allows you the freedom to enjoy quality “us time” with your loved ones. This is an opportunity to capture the people and events that shape your life, the intricate network of family and friends that has helped to turn you into the person you are. Every smile will remind you of the good times you've shared with loved ones. Every image is like a heartbeat skipped in excitement, a thrill that you can experience again and again through your photographs. It's a doorway to a thousand memories and emotions – a doorway that remains open forever.